Shri Jogi Gana

On the rearside of the temple is the “Vovala flower Tree” where it is believed that the power of a sadhaka yogi Still pervades. One version says that the great Yogi-Sri Matsyendranath-the founder of the famous Natha Panth performed his penance: (Tapasya) here while on a pilgrimage to all Shiva shrines in the country. His invisible power is still protecting the temple and its devotees. He is still believed to help devotees in their difficulties like Lost or stolen property, sickness in the family etc. A stone is installed on the-temple outer wall to offer coconuts to the Jog. During the annual festival thousands of coconuts are offered to the Jogi in front of the Deity offer the Rathayatra.

The word JOGI has come to stay as “JOGE” or JOGO in the local dialect. During the famous Subramanya Shasti Festival , on Margashira Shuddha Shasti day, thousands of coconuts are offered to the “JOGE” in the presence of the Deity when it is taken in procession on the outer path of the Temple after the Big Ratha Yatra. A few words about Yogi Sri Matsyendranath are worth mentioning. The “ Natha Pantha “ is one of the religious cults of Shaivism which gives primary importance to ‘Hata Yoga’ The Guru parampara of Natha Pantha has a list of 84 Siddhas . In this list, Yogi Matsendranath (or Minanatha.) is shown as the founder and the first GURU , the second being Gorakhnath (or Goraksha Nath). According to some legends, Adinatha or Shiva is the first Guru and Sri Matsyendranath learnt Yoga from Lord Shiva . Gorakh Nath is the first and chief disciple of Matsyendranath.

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