Pancha Gudi

The Parivara Devatas are in clockwise direction Are Sri Hanuman, Sri Mahaganapathi, Sri Maharudra, Sri Mahalaxmi, and Sri Vainateyal (Garuda).
The Maharudra shrine was rebuilt during this Jeernodhara. The Punarpratishta was performed by H.H Srimath Samyamendra Teertha Swamiji on 27/04/2011 .

The Maharudra Linga was said to be inside the Sri Garbhagriha and was shifted outside in a separate shrine some centuries ago. The reason for this is not known. But even now during the pooja in the Garbhagriha the Pradhana archaka performs Pooja to Sri Maharudra signifying hat He is a part of the Garbhagriha.

The Maharudra shrine is surrounded by small granite stones called Ganas. During the Devadarshan, people possessed by various spirits were brought to the temple The spirits were released by the Darshan and installed in these stones . The Ganas have daily offerings during the pooja in the main temple, There are many other Ganas elsewhere in the temple premises.

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